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Rhyno Cybersecurity

Corporate Academy (Cybersecurity Awareness)

Corporate Academy (Cybersecurity Awareness)

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  • Contact us for more details
  • This is a digital subscription, not a physical product!
  • Prevent data breach and phishing attacks
  • Builds a culture of security
  • Reinforces defences against cyber threats
  • Gives your customers confidence
  • Aids in compliance
  • Reinforces social responsibility
  • Improves employee wellbeing
  • Concentrating on the most crucial behaviour
  • Development of an employee-focused program
  • No phishing simulations, instead we use human cyber risk assessments
  • Selecting the material in smaller chunks
  • Continuous employee training
  • Tracking program efficacy rather than click rates
  • Identifying and reducing the number of high-risk employees
  • Using data storytelling to demonstrate the ROI of your Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign
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Protect yourself at home and your office, because your home may be be your office…

  • Continuously Updated Library

    Our training content covers a broad range of security risks, from phishing attacks and password protection to ransomware and insider threats.

  • Interactive Quizzes & Assignments

    To engage users and keep security top-of-mind, we deliver training modules with consistent and actionable messaging suitable for small and large organization.

  • Built for Regulatory Compliance

    Our managed training plans help you protect users, data by ensuring compliance with SEC, FINRA, PCI, HIPAA, ISO27001 GDPR, and other regulations.